Wedding Photography

How REAL portrait sessions go

We all see the perfect family photos posted on Facebook and we all awe over the model look. What we don't see in those photos is the photographer making funny faces behind the camera or mom and dad dancing like monkeys to get their babies to laugh. Perfection takes time and new families coming in for a photo session are mortified when it doesn't go smooth within the first ten minutes. This is my message to all families: No session is perfect. Therefore, I am going to share with you the "un-perfect" photos that don't make it to Facebook. I should add, these are my FAVORITE photos, because these are real, raw emotions that we will look back on and smile because, "Yep, that's life". 


Instead, we see only these photos posted: 


I love both kinds of photos. The first set contains photos that will make us laugh and the second set contains the photos that will melt our hearts. That is why, I give my clients both, so they can have a well rounded capture of their memories. And I hope this goes to show, no session will go "Perfect," but when they don't, you will still have some great memories to look back on and laugh.